A clip from our interview with Dr. Temple Grandin

april autism awareness month autism awareness dr. temple grandin neurodivergence neurodiversity neurotypes

Dr. Temple Grandin is a world renowned expert on autism and its manifestations. Dr. Grandin's passion is bringing awareness and education forward concerning autism, a condition that has defined her own life, and which is now the focus of research largely due to her passion for its understanding. As a Neurodivergent/Neurotypical couple ourselves, we navigate autism every day. We reached out to Dr. Grandin who has been extremely generous with her time and expertise.

Watch this clip, see the entire interview tomorrow April 2nd, and for more resources and information, including access to Dr. Grandin's books, visit Dr. Grandin's website here

Also, be sure to watch the HBO movie Temple Grandin, starring Claire Danes. The movie is an exquisite, sometimes painful, always engaging, and very well done rendition of Dr. Grandin's early life and accomplishments.  Happy autism awareness month!

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