PodCast—From Fear To Fire

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Recently, we had the pleasure of visiting with Heather Hansen-O'Neill on her podcast, From Fear to Fire. Heather is a real pro at interviewing guests, and we had a terrific 30-minute visit with her. We discussed mindset and its applications, the fact that our thoughts create our reality, and the power that puts in our hands, if only we realize that and use it to our advantage.

Do you want more in your life? More fun, more money, more good friends? Do you find yourself wishing your life was more gratifying? Ask some hard questions: Is your life that way because you THINK it has to be? Do you simply THINK there's no alternative? Have you convinced yourself you have what you deserve, and nothing more? 

Mindset simply allows you to THINK again. Enjoy the podcast, and comments welcome. Here's the link to the 30 minute segment. 



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