Mindset Tools, Present Tense

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When we use present tense we actively ignore the past no matter what it has brought into our lives, especially the negative, hurtful, demeaning & debilitating nonsense that, by virtue of its being past we cannot change. 

As our dear friend Elayna Fernandez, The Positive Mom, writes in her own recent post, "Using positive thoughts in the present tense can help us foster a positive mindset because it reminds us of who we are today, in spite of what we’ve been through before."

Mindset is a powerful tool. Yes, a tool, because its ability to craft, and change, and adapt, and manipulate our lives is no different than the hammer. saw, pliers, and chisel a carpenter uses in her daily craft. When she reaches for her measuring tape, this carpenter chooses to utilize her tool to create something beautiful, useful, and worthy of her time and effort. 

Our recent book, Journey Well, You Are More Than Enough: Mindset Matters is filled with advice and encouragement on how to give yourself the best life possible, using the best tool in your tool kit, Mindset. One of the chapters in JWYAMTE, Mindset Matters, mentions the use of present tense to tell ourselves we are worthy, successful, needed, dignified, and valued, right now, today, and no matter what happened 24 hours, or 24 years ago, you are now, presently a valuable person. You Are More Than Enough.

The Japanese expression Ichigo-Ichie refers to a once in a lifetime moment. Savor the present, because this moment will never come the same way again. This, too, is mindset. We encourage you to use mindset every time the cynical, negative, demeaning & discouraging world intrudes trying to bring you down to a lower level than you deserve. 

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