Monthly Anniversary

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When we got married, we committed to learning ways to make our bond stronger every day. And celebrating monthly is one way we found which does just that. 

We have several others, here are three more:

** Be positive and open-minded. (Be open to their way of doing things)

** Don’t gossip about your mate. (Work together on difficulties, be allies)

** Have FUN (We leave each other notes and smiley faces around the house)

Here’s another side note, we did all this before we learned that I was Neurodivergent. Though, obviously, having a diagnosis didn’t make me different, I’ve ALWAYS been different. It’s just now, with the diagnosis, I know why, and somehow that makes it better.

Our goal is that by speaking about our neurodivergent/neurotypical relationship, we’ll encourage and support others so that they, too, can build strong, vibrant, enduring bonds that will last forever!

Oh, yeah, one more thing we do every night is the JATS. 

Anyone want to take a stab at that one?

Drop your guess in the comments.

Journey Well my friends, You Are MORE Than Enough!

And HAPPY 278th Anniversary sweet, goofy, husband ;-]

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