Pancakes & Mindset

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Do you know of a civilization that never developed pancakes? We don’t either.

Pancakes got their start in 600 BCE Greece, a newfound recipe meant to use up ingredients that would have spoiled otherwise. The warm, sweet cakes called Tagenias, from the Greek word for frying pan.

Around 1100 CE pancakes were made every Shrove Tuesday, which came to be known as pancake day. The practice was meant to use up ingredients before Lent began the next day, and before those ingredients could spoil.

Indulging these high-calorie confections led to the next day’s better known name, Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday.

So, what does this have to do with mindset? We humans have centered our societies largely around food. What drove our gastronomic focus was our scarcity mindset. Use it or lose it.

Despite the abundance surrounding us, we've evolved with the mindset of lack, and that hoarding is a good thing, and sharing pancakes with other tribes is not wise.

It's easy to see where this mindset has taken us. All wars and disruption from time out of MIND has centered on (perceived) scarcity of resources.

Here's an idea: This Thankfulgiving Day, prepare pancakes. It will be a tribute to our ancient connection with those warm, sweet delights. And it may change our mindset to notice the abundance we're truly immersed in. Pass the syrup!

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