The Sky Behind Me


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A Vietnam Anthem


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Waiting For Willie Pete


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Postflight: An Old Pilot's Logbook

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Byron Edgington is a retired commercial helicopter pilot, author of several books, and a Crew Resource Management Instructor. Trained to fly helicopters in the Army, he spent a year in Vietnam, then launched a commercial aviation career that lasted almost 40 years. After retirement, he returned to college, and received his Bachelors Degree in English & Creative writing from The Ohio State University in 2012 at age 63. Also in 2012, Edgington won the prestigious Bailey Prize awarded by the Swedenborg Foundation Press for his essay titled Liftoff. He's been published in numerous trade and monthly magazines, and was a writer for The Iowa City Press Citizen. Edgington is married to Mariah, his best editor. He has 3 daughters, and 6 grandkids, and he lives and writes in Iowa City Iowa. 


“Journey Well, You are More than Enough by Byron and Mariah Edgington offers a rich, delicious banquet of ideas and wisdom.”

—Laura Staley, Founder of Cherish Your World, Author Abundant Heart: Thoughts on Healing, Loving and Living Free

“Mariah and Byron have written from the heart and from the mind in this uplifting and informative book. Journey Well, You Are More Than Enough is timely and inspirational.”

—Melissa Hughes Ph.D, author of Happier Hour with Einstein: Another Round

“This book is beautifully and masterfully written from the heart.”

— Char Murphy, Attorney, and Author of Unshakeable Power: Through Seasons of the Soul

“This is a manual for self-healing and reflective introspection that goes beyond the words on the page and talks directly to you.”

—Ashok Bhattacharya MD, FRCP(C) author of
Deep Fried Nerves

“I have nothing but praise for Byron and Mariah for their inspiring, elevating book. Journey Well releases the heart and encompasses the strength and power of the Universe.”

— Simon Lever, author A Beacon Of Positivity, Spreading Optimism, Kindness, and Empathy