Mirror Work  

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Mirror Work is some of the most intense, revealing, and rewarding work that you’ll do for self-discovery and self-care. With the practice of mirror work, you must allow yourself grace and kindness, which includes not shaming or blaming yourself for past deficiencies. In the book, Journey Well, You Are More Than Enough, within the chapter “Burn the Baggage/Freedom” you’ll gain more insight and details on how to keep the past behind you and successfully move into a better, brighter world.

To begin Mirror Work, go to your mirror and look directly into your eyes. Take at least one minute and look deeply within. Initially, this is often difficult to do. Many people recount their first attempt, saying they were surprised that they couldn’t look into their own eyes without finding self-imposed flaws to criticize. If this happens to you, too, do not judge yourself, only notice. 

Next, say I love you followed by your name. Saying I love you to yourself may be awkward and uncomfortable the first few times. Make it part of your routine, twice daily just as you do brushing your teeth. Once you get comfortable with the practice, add in “I am” affirmation. Remember whatever follows ‘I AM’ follows you, so make it positive. I am kind, I am generous, I am fun, I am a good worker, I am…

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