Cathy Griffin

Cathy Griffin

Mindset Coach and rockstar. After a tumultuous past, she made the choice to craft the future she envisioned.
Cathy is writing a book about her life, so stay tuned.
It will be valuable reading, and a road map for many others struggling to claim their value. 


I’ve lived my life bouncing back from circumstance after circumstance. I don’t want to live like that anymore. Today, I want to live by creating and choosing what I want my future to look like. That’s the part about reperceiving yourself. I’ve made it my business to expand my thinking and spiritual horizons.

I’m not here to ascribe anybody with a particular belief. But once I learned I can harness mindset, and expand my thinking, then I can design the future I choose. A future that I truly love. I believed the wrong people on the way up, so that takes some undoing to let go of that and to reperceive yourself.

My life to that point had been a litany of consequences and tragedy. I couldn’t tie it all together, like what good is my life? How can I help people with this hodgepodge of crap? At 16, I had a baby boy out of wedlock. I became a nurse at my father’s insistence because they didn’t know what else to do with me. I went straight to New Orleans from nursing school. When I got bored with the nurses I worked with, I took myself down to the French Quarter, and promptly met the wrong crowd. I became an alcoholic and a drug addict.

After five years, I sat straight up in bed, at midnight, and I heard a voice that told me you will die if you stay here. I was over 30 when I got sober when I was pregnant with my daughter. I didn’t keep up my nursing license, so when I went to get it renewed all my arrests showed up, and I had to jump through hoops. I got pregnant at 36, with my son D, and then he died on March 21st, 2011, a teen suicide.

A year and a half before that, I’d gotten a phone call, and a man said, “I’m looking for Cathy Griffin. My name’s M. I think you’re my mother.” The last time I saw him, thirty-five years before, he was five days old. So, M and D got to meet each other and knew each other as brothers before D died. But I couldn’t understand — why did I find one son, and then lose another one?

As a healthcare executive, I was making 105 thousand dollars a year plus 20 to 30 K in bonuses, because I always hit the management goals. Then one morning when I came to work, I was let go from my corporate nursing job with no severance, no notice, and with a flawless employment file. I thought, why do these things happen to me? I’d been studying some Bob Proctor, mindset training. Since then, I’ve been on this journey of focused mindset improvement.

My story isn’t wholly about sobriety. It’s about overcoming circumstances. Before a person even asks for help, you must be willing to ask for help. I’ve heard it referred to as a key in your pocket. That bit of willingness was and is the key to the beginning of faith and hope. For me, willingness came at a price. But whether it’s having my firstborn when I was 16, losing a son 11 years ago, recovering from alcohol and drug addiction, or from a hopeless state of mind, every ask for help, For some reason, every ask for help was preceded by what I call a lower bottom.

I can’t say rebuild my life, but build a new life, I didn’t want to rebuild the old one. Honesty is huge. If I’m going to ask for help, I must be honest enough to say whatever I’m doing over here on my own is not working. I think that’s hard for smart people. We want to figure it all out. But I needed to just listen and be open-minded and willing to say OK, and willing to follow directions.

I’ve been hardheaded, and stubborn. If you reperceive those attributes, it’s what kept me alive. I discovered a seedy side of New Orleans and ended up hanging out with people I shouldn’t have. But I survived that. So, persistence and resilience are what kept me alive. But if you keep relying on that, and don’t learn how to have a vision for your future, then you’re constantly battered around by whatever life tosses your way. I can’t stop tragedy like losing my 16-year old boy to suicide. I’d do anything to stop that, but I can’t. Something in his brain went wrong and told him a lie, and he believed it. But if you’re only using your survival instincts, you’re only reacting to circumstance and just waiting for stuff to happen.

Some people say God’s will is going to happen. They just sit and wait for what comes next in their life. I don’t agree with that. Maybe whatever is happening is because you haven’t had the vision to go after the dream God planted in your head or in your heart. That’s a cop-out. That’s lazy to me. When you add awareness to those attributes you can tie all that up in a much prettier bundle.

Once I got sober, I learned I had all this range of emotions in between extreme highs and passed out. I had to learn how to manage daily life. I didn’t know how to plan for my future, all I knew was how to survive. You cannot be creative in those moments. By this time, as a sober single parent, all I was doing was putting food on the table and fighting to stay on society’s hamster wheel.

Determination, confidence, resilience, and Pissed-Off-Edness were my superpowers. As a woman, if you gather up all your attributes, you can create the kind of future that truly lights you up and will serve your goals and serve others.

If my faith is constant, the universe always has my back. You know, God got you through 100% of your bad days so far, so what makes you think he’s not going to get you through the next one?

As far as achieving C- level goals, some days I must remind myself that, more than ever, I am More Than Enough. If you do any kind of self-analysis, it becomes apparent that there’s something greater than you. You become more self-aware of your own limitations and learn how to focus on your inner strengths. However, if you’re not honest with yourself, the only person you are enabling is you. Selfenabling. I’ve known people who believe their own lies. I do not wish to be one of them.

I’d say that going through a 12-step program to get sober is what initially made me spiritually centered. To believe in something much greater, and eventually myself. The steps are not religion. This is what gave me the tools to believe in something. They take you through a self-analysis — they call it a fearless moral inventory — that says you don’t regret the past, but you don’t shut the door on it either. How else is a person going to save themselves if they’re not aware of what they need to change, then use mindset resources, and become aware of their own amazing attributes and unlimited potential?

I coach women who want to determine their own purpose and achieve their own goals, using proven strategies of mindset, personal development, and spiritual and business coaching no matter what their current circumstance is and no matter what their age is. Each woman will determine her own purpose, and goals and will move forward toward the results she desires.

As a former RN and Nurse Executive Director, I coach burned-out nurses and professionals who may want to change careers, get unstuck and move forward to their goals. As a recovered alcoholic and addict, as a person with extensive long-term sobriety, I coach people in addiction/ alcohol recovery who
want to personally develop beyond the 12 steps, having already completed a 12-step or a recovery program.

This specialized coaching focuses specifically on personal development, goal achievement, and mindset education strategies while blending in recovery principles.
My coaching program is based on proven mindset strategies and is set apart from other coaching programs by incorporating and focusing on developing each client's individual Roadmap to Success. Each client is given specific Action Tools that they can implement immediately in their own life.

At C Griffin Consulting, I wholeheartedly believe in Full Circle Abundance. I believe that every devastation, every black hole, every difficulty, and every challenge in life does come around Full Circle if you know how, believe, and practice the Principles of Abundance.

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