If you’re looking for a Power Couple to energize your event, contact Mariah & Byron Edgington 

As a Neurodivergent/Neurotypical couple, they speak from personal experience about navigating differences, and the benefits those differences offer.
Mariah & Byron have addressed audiences in the U.S., Belfast Northern Ireland, and aboard Royal Caribbean cruise lines.
Keynotes and Workshops are available In-Person, Virtual, and as Hybrid Format Events.
They are best-selling authors of the Journey Well, You Are More Than Enough book series. Their recent TEDx presentation was titled Neurodivergence: A Relationship Superpower.
TedX Milton HS Neurodivergence: A Relationship Superpower


Mariah and Byron Edgington are a powerhouse couple that keeps you captivated with their warmth, compassion, insight, and wisdom from the moment they begin speaking. I had the opportunity to work with them on a “Year of Joy” project, and they brought heart, joy, and kindness to it. They don’t just talk the talk; they live their message by celebrating differences and helping to elevate us through inclusivity, self-acceptance, and mindset mentoring. If you have an opportunity to hire them to speak at your event, I wouldn’t hesitate!

— Shari Alyse

Bestselling Author, TV host, Inspirational Speaker

Mariah and Byron Edgington delivered an engaging, heart-centered TEDx Talk in Alpharetta, Georgia. Their talk was about “Neurodivergence: A Relationship Superpower.” Their enduring love and support for each other were palpable on stage. This made Mariah’s neurodivergent stories complement Byron’s neurotypical stories so well, transforming their message into an engaging, authentic, and relatable talk. I’m neurodivergent, and their message resonated with me. I highly recommend them as inspirational speakers for all ages, especially for neurodivergent/neurotypical couples.

— Katherine Lizardo

CEO/Founder Lizardo Law, Neurodiversity Advocate

Mariah and Byron delivered a smash hit with our executive leaders at the COO Forum in May of this year. They masterfully weaved the topics of Mindset Matters, Imposter Syndrome and the Power of Neurodivergence in our work teams throughout the presentation. Our members appreciated the Edgington's insights and personal experiences which allowed for rich discussion and meaningful takeaways. Not only were their abundant takeaways for each member at the personal level, we also learned how to leverage the understanding of neurodivergence in attracting and retaining talent to maximize our organizations' human capital ROI. Highly recommend!

— Chuck Orzechowski

CEO at The Chief Operating Officer Business Forum®, Inc.


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Neurodivergence: A Relationship Superpower from Mandate To Elevate on Vimeo.

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Sharing their differences:

Mariah & Byron explain how to navigate neurodivergent/neurotypical relationships.
They show how to uncover the benefits differences provide.

Talk Takeaways:

◦ 3 ways to build confidence as a neurodivergent
◦ Discover how to create a strong relationship using your differences
◦ Learn how to find humor and fun in your daily interactions
◦ How to use your differences when collaborating on a project
◦ Discover the amazing power of I AM

This program is for:

As a neurodivergent/neurotypical couple, Mariah & Byron share how to navigate differences, with amazing results!
Do you know a couple wanting to improve their communication?
They share tools on how to interact and navigate differences, how to elevate and affirm one another and create vibrant relationships.
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Investing in Mariah & Byron’s experience with Neurodifferences and how to navigate them will benefit your organization in higher employee satisfaction, and increased ROI for years to come.
Their speech will produce positive effects not just for your organization, but for your employees personally as well.
Contact Mariah & Byron, TEDx Speakers with personal experience in both Neurodiversity and its benefits and Mindset Change for an inspiring and timely speech.
*Ask about sponsored engagements.

Invite Mariah and Byron to address your company, training session, or social event.

Audiences learn about:

  • Neurodivergence

  • Mindset Change

  • InnerCritic / Imposter Syndrome

Much of the material is taken from their bestselling book series:

Journey Well, You Are More Than Enough

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