From An Aspiring Writer To Becoming A Publisher's Favorite With

"To Write It Right™"


From ‘Struggling Writer,’ to ‘Published Author.

  • Elements of English are a daunting challenge - Grammar, punctuation, and syntax are real stumbling blocks.
  • Coming up with clever phrases and sentences is taxing, and your sentences make your writing boring.
  • You have no idea what your audience wants so you write what no one wants to read.
  • Writer’s block goes on and on, and the frustration piles up so you consider abandoning the project.
  • You're uncertain about the success of your writing, and it's very frustrating.
  • You’re struggling to find the right platform to showcase your literary works, and editors reject it.
  • The frustration of launching your writing career is overwhelming and stressful without a guiding process.

Can you relate?


Finally, a step-by-step guide by an Amazon bestselling author to learn essential elements of English writing & honing your writing skills!


Crafting beautiful sentences in English.

Writing memorable pieces that become readers’ favorites.

Becoming a writer editors love to work with.

Knowing exactly what to write for your audience.

Becoming a self-sufficient writer.

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Introducing: To Write It Right

Never Worry Again About…

  • Being overwhelmed by complex writing theories.
  • Spending endless hours dissecting English elements.
  • Feeling lost in the labyrinth of grammar rules.
  • Struggling to make your writing memorable.
  • Finding ways to get onto an editor’s acceptance list.

In To Write It Right You’ll Learn:

✅ A subtle way to craft sentences that captivate readers.

✅ Master the elements of English for a more profound and polished writing style (Write with clarity and impact)

✅ How mindset and attitude are crucial to successful writing.

✅ Writing tips to make your writing memorable. 

 ✅ Effective methods of overcoming writer's block.

✅ Techniques employed by the an Amazon Bestselling Author that transform your writing mindset.

✅ Write so agents & editors notice and offer a contract. 

✅ Tips on getting an agent or editor’s attention.

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