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How many times have you 'assumed' something about someone, or something, just to discover it ain't so?

We do this assuming thing a lot, don't we? When we reach out to someone on social media, for example, and they don't respond, and then a day, two days, a week goes by, we 'assume' they've (fill in the blank) ghosted us, ignored the post as unworthy of their time, had more important things to tend to, yadda, yadda, yadda. 

Take a close look at the picture. Some years ago I submitted a file to Amazon KDP to self-publish a book, My instructions to KDP were to please print the title on the spine, then print the name of my press, 'In slightly smaller letters'. 

I assumed the good folks at KDP would certainly understand exactly what I wanted, assumed they'd subsequently reduce the size of the font. 

Well... You see the result of my assumption. Laughter was the very best response to this. What was I to do, assume they'd see the error? Assume they'd see how silly it was the way it was submitted? Assume the author wanted the spine to read the way it does? 

Next time you assume someone's reaction, mood, response, (or lack of), interest, care, etc. take a moment. Breathe. Count to ten. And know that regardless of your assumption it's likely incorrect. It's likely your concern about it is, in reality, written out in slightly smaller letters than you imagine.
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