Kim Calvert

Kim Calvert

Executive Officer of Dynamite Lifestyle Ltd. Kim’s
message from parents and peers was that only by scraping and scratching could she hope to survive. Through
hard work and persistence, she built an international, multimillion-dollar company that teaches others how to
make that mindset change for themselves and to reperceive their lives.


Before, I’d been a poor nurse, an Irish girl with just four pounds twenty to my name. I decided to reperceive
things, to change my mindset from lack to abundance. Here is what I discovered.

Our job, I believe, is to change our visions and to tap into our higher levels of that. We do that by reperceiving what we used to see, focusing our minds on the positive, on what is good, and really that comes back to love.

Before, I didn’t love myself. So first, I believe we need to love ourselves fully before we can love others. Before we can help others find abundance, we’ve got to first accept our abundance. It’s a mindset change including reperception. I believe that our journey has many different levels, many different destinies that we're all going to experience, and I don’t believe that once you've got a certain amount of money, or achieved a high level, that’s it.

Our thoughts and our feelings put us on different levels of frequencies and vibrations, so we are energy, and we can transmute ourselves into those beautiful, physical things.

Like everybody else, I wanted more abundance in my life, I also wanted more abundance in finances, and when I read and studied mindset and reperception, it made me realize that often what we’re really spending is our thoughts: time and money. That’s another reperception.

Awareness is what really creates abundance.
—Kim Calvert

A lot of people are living in a world of lack because they are spending their thoughts. That means they’re focusing their time thinking about things they don’t have. Thinking about things causing doubts, fears, and worries. It’s costing them in their bank balance, in their health, in faith, in so many other ways. We must invest our thoughts, and that’s something I’ve personally experienced. I believe I’m God’s highest form of creation, and me becoming who I am is sharing my abundance with others, because I can’t give what I haven’t got.

I think we all have been chosen for different purposes. I believe my destiny is to share this incredible awareness with others, and reperception and awareness are what really create abundance. The more aware we become, the greater our life is. I had to love me first, then I had to be me, and I had to be free to be me. And throughout this journey, I have to know who “me” is. I believe that’s a piece of work that everybody must do, and I think that is our gift to the world.


Director of Dynamite Lifestyle Ltd  - Certified Proctor Gallagher Consultant – Executive Diamond Pin Achiever -
14x Inner Circle Member - Circle of Excellence Member - Expert in Human Performance and Success

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