From Self-Critic to Confident Creator

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From Self-Critic to Confident Creator

Is your inner critic saying to you that you are not enough?

Is it saying words in your head that you would never say to someone else?

Were you bullied as a child and still feel that way as an adult and it’s taking away your confidence?

Do you let people walk all over you and then beat yourself up for that?

STOP the bullying – inside your head and from others!

STOP believing that you are not enough – because YOU ARE! You are MORE than enough!

STOP letting people walk all over you! It’s okay to set boundaries!

Con-Fidence is Latin: Con = with, Fidence = faith.

Acting “with faith” in yourself leads to more confidence!

Setting boundaries is a sign of inner strength!

 Need help going from self-critic to confident creator?

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 “From Self-Critic to Confident Creator: Close Your Knowing-Doing Gap in 2024!”

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