Path To Confidence webinar 1.24.24


Our Path To Confidence webinar on January 24th 2024 was 30 minutes of tools and tips viewers can use to close the so-called Knowing-Doing Gap. If you have things that you know how to do, but procrastinate, stall, limit yourself, and hesitate to do them, even if they're things that will benefit your life, this webinar is for you. One of the biggest causes of the Knowing-Doing Gap according to Harvard University Business School is 'too much information, not enough action. In other words, we talk too much and act too little even when the goals in mind are good, enviable, and beneficial. For more details on the KD Gap, and to get the help eliminating it from your life forever, contact us today and sign up for Path To Confidence. Here's a Calendly link: You know how to do this, close the gap and do it now!

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