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LINK HERE: Thoughts Become Things. Do you struggle to be who you know you truly are? Do you suppress the ‘real you’ a lot of the time — or most of the time? Do you wish you could break your chains, express the real, amazing, powerful self you know is crying to get out, and demand that the world pay attention?

We believe that describes too many people. Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote about this as the great poet and humanitarian struggled with the demand to be heard and seen:

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

— Emerson

Mariah and I struggled with it, too. But recently, because of a number of events and obligations that have forced the issue for us we’ve decided to embrace who we truly are. We've stepped up to be our true selves, to change the world in the way we’re called to do, and where our true passion lies. As we’ve told many people, we all change the world every day regardless, so change it for the better. The new initiative we’ve joined is absolutely necessary.

So, what is our new endeavor? We’ve been studying under Kim Calvert, the number one Mindset and Self-Development coach in the world today. Kim’s message of uplift, hope, self-respect, dignity, personal wealth, and the power of mindset is so closely aligned with our Mandate To Elevate that we could finish each others’ sentences.

Instead of swapping sentences, though, we intend to spread Kim’s message far and wide. Our belief in its power has relieved our hesitation and doubt. We’ve been passionate about lifting people up for a very long time, so we feel we have an obligation to share the news, like the town crier of old, assuring everyone that all is well. Because it is. Part of Kim’s message is achingly simple: When we believe the world is better, the world will be better. We’re fully enlisted in her message and we intend to spread it, and to make it reality one thought at a time.

We may lose friends and associates because of it. We’ll alienate some folks who are instantly skeptical. We’ll likely have detractors, even cynics throwing shade our way and trying to undermine our message of hope and the phenomenal power of humanity. This negativity is Emerson’s world ‘trying to make us something else.’ As of today we officially ignore all that negativity. Instead, we ask you to read and absorb Kim’s message, open your mind to its possibilities, and get back to us with your thoughts.*

The SHMILY above was on the kitchen counter to greet me a week ago. Anyone who knows us understands that what Mariah and I have is a very special relationship. We write to each other every day, our ritual referred to as J.A.T.S., meaning Journal Across The Sheets™. We scribble our thoughts in a notebook, (college ruled) each evening, then push the new message across the sheets for the other to read.

We celebrate our relationship every month. The 29th of November will mark our 284th anniversary. Also, we leave these SHMILYs for each other, typically food items but not always, in the kitchen, bathroom, or office.

So, at 284 months and counting, we’re coming out! We’re stepping up to share Kim Calvert’s message with the world, because we believe in it, we share the value in it, and the bottom line is, it’s who we are. If you’d like to join us, we welcome you with smiles, and arms wide. We do change the world every day regardless of what we do. Help us make that change toward the better world we all know is possible.

Do you believe your contribution makes no difference? An old Jewish maxim states that one swipe of the jeweler’s cloth is undetectable. But gathered together those swipes bring luster and gleam to whatever they touch. Be yourself. Join us today.

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What are doing Wednesday November 22nd at noon Eastern in the U.S? Come join us for our webinar titled Thoughts Become Things. We’re going to teach mindset matters you never considered. This webinar will be the best 45 minutes you’ll invest in yourself for a long time. Come join us, you’ll be glad you did! And invite three friends. They’ll be glad you did!

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