Confidence is BUILT,

not given!


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Path To Confidence

Mariah & Byron Edgington’s 4-week mentorship program is called Path To Confidence. This program will set you on the path to eliminating your imposter syndrome, silence your inner critic, help you set healthy boundaries, learn to live your core values, heighten your self-esteem, and energize your confidence!


Learn from the experts

As a member you receive the benefit of Mariah & Byron’s training from their own mentor, the premier mindset and self-improvement coach in the world today. 

Mariah uses her personal knowledge of issues such as ADHD, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, and Dyslexia, all conditions she’s struggled with since childhood. Her own transformation has been remarkable, and she can’t wait to assist you in your own transformative journey.

As an air-medical rescue pilot for 20+ years, Byron lifted people up every day. His experience with the power of mindset and confidence compliments Mariah's for your benefit. Together, they share a Mandate To Elevate you to be your best self.

But don’t take our word for it, here’s what Mariah & Byron’s clients are saying:


I have had the privilege of witnessing Mariah Edgington's incredible transformation firsthand, and I am truly inspired by her journey. From struggling with confidence to becoming a confident TEDx speaker, bestselling co-author, and advocate for neurodiversity, Mariah's resilience and determination shine through in everything she does. 

Ambreen Nadeem

Top 100 Thought Leaders | Bestselling Author I Keynote Speaker | Founder of Psychology Talks

I have spent the last 4 weeks working through Mariah's Path To Confidence course. The "I Am" exercise, is just one tool that has begun to shift me in incredible ways. Mariah is honest and clear, and yet gentle and kind. Her powerful and yet peaceful presence is truly a blessing. Thank you, Mariah!

Kayse McGovern

MSN | Advanced Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Mariah is a passionate, kind, and thoughtful leader, and a wonderful speaker and course creator. As a student of Path to Confidence, I feel more self-assured, I can ask for what I want, and I have the tools to get unstuck. Partnering with her husband Byron, this dynamic duo delivers incredible value that’s changing the world.

Hallie Avolio

#1 Best Selling Author | Coach | Supporter of soul-led entrepreneurs in creating their best business |

Mariah Edgington’s “Path to Confidence” was a great chance to illuminate my daily living. I am so happy that I took the opportunity to join her beautiful community for my overall expansion.

Aishwariya Jayakumar

Freelance Writer | Published Author | Blogger

I had the pleasure of attending…Path to Confidence and walked away feeling reassured that I am not alone on this path and learned how to sweep away decades old 'imposter' syndrome. For anyone seeking to enrich their personal growth and confidence I highly recommend spending time with Mariah and Byron.

Roseanne Reilly

Healing Mentor

One of the biggest benefits of Mariah and Byron’s “Path to Confidence” course was the feeling of HOPE and empowerment! I learned about the importance of reframing judgement. Let go of the negative decisions. Focus on what’s good and let the rest go. Use it as a building block. Focus on building self-confidence…because: “You are already MORE than enough!

Val Roskens Tews

Owner Butterfly Copywriting

An approach that also works for the Neurodivergent

Mariah has done the hard work involved in living and thriving with her own self-confidence and imposter syndrome. Despite being Neurodivergent, Mariah is thriving. While not the primary focus of Path To Confidence, Neurodivergence does play a role in her mentoring and affirmation of clients, as well as her ability to guide them to their best, most confident life.

Video Lessons

Weekly video lessons.


Weekly audio lessons.


A self-assessment and reflection worksheet to accompany each lesson.

Live Calls

Weekly LIVE Zoom calls with a Win Celebration, a Teaching, and a Q & A session.

*Replay will be made available for those who cannot be present on the live call, and/or want to watch the teaching and community interaction again.

With Path to Confidence you will:

What else?...

  • Create richness, strong relationships, inner peace.
  • Discover your values.
  • Unleash your confidence.
  • Challenge negatives with positives.
  • Ignite your passion and fuel your rewarding life.
  • Practice gratitude everyday.
  • Embrace imperfection.
  • Invest in yourself.
  • Celebrate your wins.


Path To Confidence is the best investment you’ll ever make in YOU 


Are you ready to... 

Gain more self confidence?

Find your life’s meaning and purpose?

Eliminate your inner critic and imposter?

Believe in you?

And create your abundant life?

Creating a confident, rich, rewarding life is a journey, not a destination.

Path to Confidence is your Roadmap!



Mariah & Byron Edgington

Transformational Mindset Mentors. Best-selling Authors. Professional Keynote Speakers. TEDx presenters.  Mariah & Byron love giving others the tools to live to their fullest potential. They feel a Mandate To Elevate you to your best & brightest life. Together, Mariah & Byron co-authored the best-selling, Journey Well, You Are More Than Enough book series. Mariah's knowledge and wisdom comes from her  35+ years as an ER/ICU/Flight Nurse, and she's translated that experience into helping clients elevate their lives. Byron teaches mindset and confidence based on his 40+ years as a pilot, where those attributes allowed him to navigate safely to assist others.

Continuing their shared Mandate To Elevate, Mariah & Byron created Path To Confidence to help you shut down your inner critic and imposter, and live the fulfilling life you deserve.
They show you how to overcome judgement, inner criticism, and self-sabotaging behaviors so you can own your value and understand that You Are More Than Enough.

Mariah & Byron Edgington provide you with tools to strengthen your self-worth, self-esteem, confidence, and love of yourself and life, and to live the satisfying, purposeful life you deserve.

©  2024 Mandate to Elevate – Byron and Mariah Edgington